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dont you miss the simple times. simple games, going to grandmas, having cookies and coloring books. go places with your mom and not be embarrased. have those long summers were everything felt beautiful and nothing could ruin your days. when all your friends were good kids and you would play kickball, dont u miss playing the really old game systems and watching baby cartoons. dont u wish it could all come back and anyone who died could just come back. dont u wish that could all happen again.


Want to reads a poem. it’s not really about anything much. i just felt good?

what if someone posted a question like that on yahoo answers about you…


i saw just the absolutely most beautiful girl on saturday. I had an out of town swimming invitational about 2 hours away this weekend, and there was this girl that from the second i saw her i was like “whoa”. what i picture the perfect girl in my head, she was the closest thing i’ve seen to it. anyway, i just couldn’t stop looking at her and later i noticed her looking back at me. There were a lot of instances where she kept looking at me and looking away when i looked back, and at one point she was standing in the water and when i swam past her, she looked back at me.


have u ever looked into the sky and felt as if you were falling into it? 

no no no i mean laying on your back, not on anything. clean. in the grass on a nice quiet day.

Anonymous asked: this is my favorite blog ever, youre all so nice and just as cute as the things you post!


wondering how many of you guys go to our schools O_o you might not even know but either of us could possibly go to your school 


don’t worry i’m make some hot chocolate and get the biscuits, and it will all be ok soon


what you look like doesnt matter. i just enjoyed what i was doing (rock climbing, paintballing, mountain biking and stuff). what you act like (whether you’re enthusiastic/ helpful/ whatever) is more important